Hostinger India review 2023: Is the prices are really affordable?

Hostinger India reviews

Hostinger web hosting











  • Affordable pricing
  • 99.9% Uptime reliability
  • Great loading time
  • User friendly
  • FREE lifetime SSL certificate


  • Lack of support over call
  • No traditional C-panel

Which hosting is the best one? What about hostinger India? Should I purchase hostinger ? What about hostinger India review?

You are wondering about such questions, well here you will get all answers

Hi, I am Ak Jadhav. Today here we discuss hostinger hosting review in india.

What are the pros and cons of hostinger web hosting. Which plan is best suitable for you. Is the prices are really affordable? What we will get free and what we will lose, we’ll discuss in-depth about it.

Choosing Web hosting can be confounding thought. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Researching on numerous quality factors we have found out the positives and negatives of hostinger India. Make sure you read till end, we hope you will find your answer whether to purchase or not

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How ‘Hosting Media’ turns into a global brand ‘Hostinger’?

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These are the areas we will focus on to find out how much it actually worth

  • Performance: How fast hostinger is? What is the load time? What is the server response time?
  • Security:- How secure their service is? Is your data really safe? Do they provide backup? What about security against malware and hacking?
  • Customer support:- How quickly they respond? Are they really able to resolve your problem within a short time?
  • Features:- What advanced features they provide? Do they fulfill your Needs?
  • Value for money:- Really they provide the cheapest plans?
  • Money-back guarantee: What they offer in the money-back guarantee? Which amount they refund and which not?
  • Serviceability:- How is their service after sales?

You can see screenshot, I have purchased hostinger India Premium Hosting plan.

That’s why you will get exact practical review of Hostinger web hosting with Pros and cons.

Hostinger India payment

Not taking much time lets go straight to answers

First let’s see their offerings and claims after that we will test about their claims point to point


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Features offered by hostinger

Uptime claim99.9%
Free domainYes
Free SSLYes
Money back guarantee30 days
Page load time0.8 s
Pricing From ₹59/month

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The Story of Hostinger

Hostinger, today’s big name in the hosting industry: Established first in 2004 with the name ‘Hosting media’.The company formerly named as Hosting media started the journey with a simple Aim- Help people in creating their websites and grow their business

Later in 2007, the company launched its very famous 000webhost- A free hosting service. Then their stats started booming, After reaching 1 million user base company changed its name to today’s ‘Hostinger’. By 2017 the company successfully powered websites of nearly 30 million users from 178 countries.

The growth percentage since 2017 is nearly 70%, recording 8000 new users/day. Hostinger is currently a parent company of- 000Webhost, Niagahoster, Weblink. Source:- Wikipedia

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hostinger coupon code india

Features: Hostinger India review

Now we’ll focus on each feature offered by hostinger. It will help us to understand it more thoroughly.

Hostinger logo

1.Hostinger Plans

Transparency is a very important factor,considering this factor Hostinger had provided all details clearly , even they mentioned about disk storage capacity!

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress optimized Hosting

Now lets Breakdown each plan further-

Shared web Hosting

Single web HostingPremium web hostingBusiness web hosting
₹ 59 / month
119 / month₹ 219 / month
One websiteUnlimited Number of WebsitesUnlimited number of websites
No free Domain Free DomainSame as premium
Free SSL certificateFree SSL Certificate Same as premium
No daily backupsWeekly backupsDaily backups
2 subdomains100 subdomains100 sub domains
Limited Bandwidth (100 GB)Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
24/7/365 support24/7/365 supportSame as premium

Cloud Hosting

StartupProfessionalCloud Global
No of websitesUnlimited UnlimitedSame as professional
SSD Storage100 GB140 GB200 GB
Speed Boost1X2X4X
CPU cores248

VPS hosting

Yes, Hostinger offers the facility of VPS servers, which enables you to access the server without any limits. The VPS servers never shared with any other clients. It is ideal for bigger business owners as all the access is limited to a single user only.

The VPS hosting has custom plans starting from ₹285/month to ₹2129/month. You can see all details here- Hostinger plans

Most popular -WordPress Hosting plan

It is not hidden that WordPress is the most popular content management system today.WordPress is powering 33.4% of websites over the entire web. Most of the hosting providers offer WordPress special plans which are made for smooth Accelerated WordPress experience.

WordPress StarterPremiumWordPress Business
view current offerscurrent offerscurrent offers
Unlimited websitesUnlimited websitesSame as premium
20 GB SSD storage 100 GB SSD storage140 GB SSD storage
Free domain and SSL certificate bycateFREE domain and SSL certificateSame as premium
Weekly backupsDaily backupsDaily backups
Jetpack FreePersonal JetpackJetpack premium

If you are looking for hostinger review for WordPress this article is for you!

2.Server status

Server uptime is the most important factor while choosing the best host. It can impact majorly on your traffic and sales. Ideally, your site should remain up 24 hours i.e. 100% uptime.

Let’s see the actual server status,

Monthly Uptime

  • January 2023 Uptime: 99.988%
  • February 2023 Uptime : 100.00%
  • March 2023 Uptime: 99.996%
  • April 2023 Uptime : 99.998%
Hostinger monthly uptime Hostinger India review
Source: Hostinger Stats

Daily Uptime

You can see here Daily uptime,

Hostinger daily uptime Hostinger India review
Source : Hostinger Stats

Overall Uptime

Hostinger overall uptime Hostinger India review
Source : Hostinger stats

Hostinger has average 99.946 % Uptime for last month. It’s good indicating their effort towards reliable service for customers in terms of best server stats.

It is also reflecting in Hostinger slogans ,

” Milliseconds Matter

Be fast to be first

Built for speed

In speed we believe

Succeed faster “


Speed is one of the most important factor which can directly impact performance of your website. According to research from Google– As Page load time increases , Probability of bounce increases :

As page load time changes,

  • From 1s to 3s , Probability of bounce increases 32%
  • 1s to 5s , Probability of bounce increases 90%
  • 1s to 10s , Probability of bounce increases 123%

New bloggers and New website owners always try to increase website speed.

But even after applying cache Plugins, Methods to minimize CSS and JavaScript and minimizing render blocking, works only small amount to optimize speed. Because of term Server response time

Here’s an Example,

What is server response time?

When users access your URL in their web browsers. Then the browser makes a network request to fetch that content. Your server receives that request and responds over that request.

So, server response time matters a lot. Here’s an example of how speed increases with fast server

Server response hostinger India review

Hostinger has average page load time between 0.8 s to 1s .


4.Hostinger India most affordable pricing

Hostinger is famous for its affordable pricing.

Hostinger offer the cheapest plans with all the features their competitors have!

The basic plan starts from ₹59 per month and wordpress optimized plan starts from ₹99 per month.

If your budget is low and looking for a new website. Hostinger is the Best place to start.


Security is the most important parameter irrespective of your website type and purpose and if it’s not, it should be. Today the internet is accessible to everyone and it has now become standard means of running a business. But a lot of attackers using this opportunity to serve their illegal purposes.

Attackers are targeting not only websites but also hosting servers, Yes it’s true. Recently some hosting servers get hacked, resulting in a huge loss for website owners.

Hostinger giving a FREE SSL certificate for a lifetime with some plans. SSL encrypts all the data from your websites and visitors, keeping it safe

However hostinger also offers Cloudflare CDN facility which boost page load time and also secure your site

6.Customer and technical support

If you’re creating a new website or already have a website, you always require support at a specific point. This is not limited only for beginners, But advanced experts also need support.

Choose carefully before purchasing, because good support can boost your performance. Hostinger India has already provided help through their blog, documentation, tutorials, and frequently asked questions. You can easily access it by visiting hostinger website

Hostinger hpanel chat
Hostinger India review

Live chat icon always present on lower right corner in hpanel which makes communication easy

Hostinger technical support team is amazing. They will always talk with you politely and ready to listen your problems anytime.

Their technical team is strong, can solve problems within no time. However, if they require more time to solve the problem then you will be asked for permission.

7.Money-back guarantee

Hostinger web hosting offers 30 days money back guarantee.

In case if you purchased hosting but not satisfied with service then you have to talk with their customer support. You will get your money back in your account

Note: Money back guarantee doesn’t include domain charges. Once you purchased domain it cant be refunded.

Also Payment made through cryptocurrencies, tokens or digital assets are not refundable

You can read all terms here in hostinger india refund policy


Hostinger don’t use traditional cpanel they provide custom hpanel.

You can see below how custom hpanel look and what options it have.

Hostinger hpanel
Hostinger India review

You can see it covers all the required options in one window. Account details, domains, Email accounts, database, and file manager you can access all these options through hpanel.

You can also use hpanel to access caching settings, SSH access, and PHP configurations.

9.Cloudflare CDN integration

Content delivery networks i.e. CDN used for speeding up your website. It costs between $9 to $10 but you will get it free with one year hostinger hosting subscription plan.

CDN also protects your website from DDoS attacks, acts as a network gateway between protocols, and provide information about requests made from your site.

10.WordPress optimization

WordPress is a top content management system. Website building never be easy but WordPress made it simple. Top hosting providers provide WordPress optimized hosting Plans which are made for WordPress.

Hostinger offers one click easy wordpress installation.

After you purchase hostinger you can install WordPress directly from your hpanel

11.Hostinger India Disk Storage review

As told before, Hostinger has clearly mentioned about storage capacity in each plan.

WordPress Basic plan includes 20 GB SSD storage, If you’re just starting your website or blog it will be sufficient for you.

Moreover, if you need large storage space to store your files then you can think about premium and business plan which provides 100 GB and 140 GB storage capacity respectively.


Hostinger takes Daily, weekly or monthly backup as per your plan.

Backups are useful when your site hacked or infected by malware. In such cases restore the previous version from backup is the easiest way to recover.

If you mistakenly delete your website or changed database files then backups can save you.

Tip :- You can take backups of your site by using plugins available free of cost.

Pros and cons of Hostinger India

After hostinger review in india,we’ve listed some pros and cons below

Pros of Hostinger

  • Strong Uptime record and fast server response time
  • Faster page load time
  • Highly affordable: Best features in low budget
  • Good technical support in multiple languages
  • 30- Day Money back guarantee
  • Free SSL and Bitninja security
  • Easy WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc Installations

Cons of Hostinger

  • Live support only accessible after login
  • No traditional Cpanel
  • Refund policy terms
  • Lack of phone support

Hostinger India payment methods

Most hosting providers use standard international payment systems for transactions.

If you decided to purchase hostinger and thinking about what payment method it accept?

Don’t worry, Because hostinger India also accept Indian mode of transactions.

You can make payment via following means:

  • PayPal
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • UPI
  • India bank transfers
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin , LiteCoin, Dogecoin and etherium etc.

Which plan should I consider?

Shared plan : If you’re just starting your online career like a blog or small business , Basic plan or premium plan is best yet affordable option

VPS plan :You require your own server with more space and want full control over its access then VPS plan is made for you. (Ideal for bigger business.)

Why hostinger pricing is such a low?

We know that what you’re thinking now-why such cheap prices compared to other hosting providers.

let’s look its history so we understand about pricing

Hostinger in 2007 at starting phase launched 000webhost- A free hosting service. Initially, they come with a moto- Let people create a website for FREE.

From that period to 2014 fast growth happened and 10M people joined hostinger.

Due to rapid growth and large userbase they are now able to keep hosting prices to such a low amount

Who is hostinger best for?

  • Small/medium business
  • For WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Bloggers
  • For new beginners it’s Ideal

Why do I trust Hostinger?

They have now 29M from 178 countries worldwide. They get 15000 new sign-ups every day!

Also it is featured in top magazines Forbes, Techradar ,TRUSTPILOT , Bloomberg and HUFFPOST


Overall Rating
Performence (see in detail)
Pricing (see in detail)
Support (See in detail)
User Friendly (see in detail)
Features ( see in detail )

Overall it has Best performance and essential features within budget.

We highly recommend you to purchase hostinger web hosting 😊

Quick Note

We have made this unbiased review by trying out our best…We’re always happy to help you. If you liked our article then please make sure you will purchase through our link Hostinger. By doing so we may earn a small commission with no additional cost to you. Thanks.

Video tutorial: How to apply Hostinger Coupon code for amazing discount?

Hostinger coupon code

Frequently Asked Questions: Hostinger review india

How to install wordpress on hostinger hosting ?

1. Login to your hpanel with your username and password then click on manage account.
2. Now, Scroll and search for Auto installer
3. Then click on WordPress (you can also select other website builders there)
4.Sit back, your WordPress will be automatically installed.

hostinger wordpress install

Does hostinger provide free support after purchasing hosting?

Yes, the support is totally free. You can ask your quarry anytime through live chat option in hpanel.

Is it a good hosting for E-commerce website?

Yes,It’s totally safe for running E-commerce website.They provide SSL Certificate which keeps your visitors data protected.You can receive payment securely.

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