Bluehost India review 2022:7 real facts good hosting?

bluehost india review

Looking for bluehost India reviews in 2022?. I think you have visited the right page for it.

Here you will get all the practical aspects of Bluehost India. I have shared all my experience with in this article.

Please make sure you read till the end. I am pretty sure at the end of this post you will be able to make your decision yourself.

I believe all the source of knowledge is Experience.

From the experience,which I shared here about Bluehost India,You will get answers of these questions:

  • How fast will your website load with Bluehost India? ( We will test real-time speed).
  • Will your website available online 24/7? (How many times your website goes offline?)
  • How much disk space capacity they are giving? Is it sufficient to store our website data?
  • Do Bluehost plans have affordable pricing? How much value for money they are giving?
  • How does their support team respond in case of any issue?
  • If you decided to purchase Bluehost then, How can I save more with Bluehost India?

I think these questions are also a headache for most of the webmasters.

Now lets directly dive into topic bluehost India review 2022.

Quick summary of Bluehost India review

Bluehost India

Customer support
Easy to use
Bluehost India logo

Exclusive 60% OFF offer

(No coupon code required)

Before I get into detail about review of bluehost india,Let me share info about my journey with bluehost.

My first interaction with Bluehost occurred in Dec 2018 ( And, till I’m Using it in 2020!).Even this website is hosted on Bluehost.

Bluehost India civilmania
My payment for with bluehost

I have purchased bluehost basic shared hosting plan for this site.

Detailed Breakdown of Bluehost India review 2022

For simplicity, I have made a further break down of all the valued parameters:

Bluehost review for WordPress: Is it a good choice for WordPress?

When it comes to the WordPress website, Bluehost is top-notch in this particular category. In the past 16 years, Bluehost alone has contributed a lot to WordPress hosting field.

That’s why also recommends Bluehost ! reccomends bluehost India review

Apart from that their one click WordPress install,let install WordPress on your hosting within 5 minutes without any technical work. Bluehost servers are totally made for WordPress. When you start using bluehost you will realize it.

With an inbuilt caching facility and Cloudflare connection, the website performs like a super-jet! (Yes, It’s true. You will see live examples ahead in this post.)

Latest versions of MySQL and PHP keeps the WordPress site up to date. You don’t have to worry about updates and security of WordPress site with Bluehost.

Here is our guide on How to create wordpress website in India.

Bluehost India actual Speed

Speed is another crucial parameter in 2021. Google itself stated that the Bounce rate increases as page load time increases. You can see the bounce rate goes to 32% when page speed is longer than 3 seconds. And in the worst condition, it goes to 123% when load time longer than 10 seconds.

Page load time stats bluehost review India
Source: ThinkwithGoogle

Now, Guess,what would be the speed of website with bluehost India ?

OK.Luckily we already have website with bluehost. Let’s check directly by taking live speed test.

Here’s the screenshot report of actual speed test with GTmetrix .

Bluehost India review speed test

Just 425ms! Believe me I am not using any paid software or plugin for optimizing speed.

My homepage loads in less than half-second! This is not just a screenshot. It’s a live report, You can also see here anytime.

Even Google Pagespeed Insights is saying the same thing.

bluehost india review pagespeed insights test

Here It’s showing My website loads in 0.4 seconds.

According to research,Google lower down or hide the web pages which have lower load times from their search results and also pages with lower load times have reported lower sales.

Bluehost has one of the fastest load time out of thousands of hosting providers.

Bluehost India shared plans breakdown

Bluehost basic plan review

  • Single website
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • 50 GB storage
  • FREE domain
  • Unlimited websites
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • 50 GB storage
  • FREE domain
  • Unmetered SSD storage
  • Codeguard basic backup
  • Microsoft office E-mail (30 days)

Often people confused between which plan to purchase. Read our Shared web hosting vs WordPress hosting comparison to avoid confusion.


Bluehost offers FREE SSL certificate.It will ensure safety of your visitors data and security.

SSL certificate also enables https interface,which google prefer more in 2022.

Also, Jetpack plugin will take care of other security features like spam protection, suspicious login attempts, and activity log.

Bluehost includes Sitelock lite in all new hosting packages. Sitelock scans your database from viruses and malware. Ultimately sitelock prevents your site from hackers.

Domain privacy is also included in each bluehost plan.It keeps your personal details safe so automatically prevents attacks like phishing and spam.

Features offered by Bluehost India

Now we’ll take a look at features promised by bluehost one by one.

FREE domain name

It is not a big deal today.Because almost every hosting providers offer a FREE domain in 2022.

Bluehost India also provide FREE domain for one year with all plans.

Read our tips on: How to choose perfect domain?

Pro Tip: Always go for Top Level domains like .com and .in

Automatic One-click WordPress install

You don’t have to deal with any technical work while hosting with Bluehost. Bluehost’s One-click WordPress install feature will automatically install WordPress for you.

Not only WordPress it can also install other software’s like Joomla,Dolphin etc. with softaculous apps installer.This feature of bluehost allow you to create brand new wordpress site within just few minutes.

Unbeatable Disk Storage space

As compared to competitors bluehost is offering higher disk storage space from its very first basic plan.

See this here we compared disk storage space Offered leading web hosts:

Disk storage comparison of top web hosting companies
Hosting companyDisk storage in starter plan
Bluehost India ( GB
Siteground10 GB
Hostinger20 GB
Dreamhost50 GB

Clearly, here Bluehost is the winner. It is giving 50 GB storage space which is very useful to store your website heavy data. Generally, E-commerce and video tutorial sites require such a large Damon of space.

Automatic WordPress and plugins update

There is one option for automatic wordpress and plugin updates in bluehost control panel.

Bluehost India review automatic updates
Bluehost control panel (Automatic updates)

Why it is necessary to update WordPress themes and plugins?

Updates to WordPress cores,themes and plugins often directly increases security of your website.

WordPress sites are frequently hacked due to older versions of PHP, WordPress core, themes, and plugins. Updating your site decreases the vulnerability of your site to hackers. Thus updating your site has these three major benefits:

  1. Reduce the risk of the site being hacked and prevents malware entry.
  2. Add new features.
  3. Fixes if any errors and bugs from previous versions

Unmetered bandwidth

How much bandwidth does bluehost India hosting offer? How much traffic can Bluehost bear without crashing the site?

First take a look at bandwidth promised by bluehost,

Bluehost shared planBandwidthPricing
Basic planUnmetered bandwidth*Check here
Choice planUnmetered bandwidth*Check here
Choice plus planUnmetered bandwidth*Check here
Bluehost VPS planBandwidthPricing
Standard plan1 TB bandwidthCheck here
Enhanced plan2 TB bandwidthCheck here
Ultimate plan3 TB bandwidthCheck here
Bluehost dedicated planBandwidthPricing
Standard plan5 TB bandwidthCheck here
Enhanced plan10 TB bandwidthCheck here
Premium plan15 TB bandwidthCheck here
What is mean by ‘Unmetered’?

For shared hosting,bluehost offers unmetered bandwidth.Unmetered means no specfic limits per month.But the problem is there is not exact amount of bandwidth.

For shared hosting, if your website uses a huge amount of bandwidth and affects the other sites on the server. Then hosting providers send you an alert E-mail for controlling the uses of resources from your site.

The reason is that, if your site is using high resources then it is difficult for the server to keep all the sites live. So simply they warn you to control resources or upgrade your plan to VPS or dedicated.

But still for beginners and small sites shared hosting is the best option.I will suggest once your site grows then move to Managed or VPS servers.

FREE SSL certificate

Today, In 2022, All best web hosting providers are giving SSL certificate free with their plans. That is because of security and the most famous HTTPS interface.

Google is very serious about security of visitors that why google made SSL certificate as an ranking factor.

Bluehost India also giving a FREE let’s encrypt SSL for one year.

Additional features

In built sever side caching system

Bluehost has In-built caching features. Which will boost your page speed and user experience.

You don’t have to install any third party plugin like WP super cache or W3 cache for optimizing your speed.

Bluehost reviews india Inbuilt caching system

You can see here currently,I’m using bluehost free cloudflare. Bluehost has both server caching and cloudflare caching management in the cpanel dashboard.

Even you can control your cache according to your site type: E-commerce, blog, or portfolio. You can clear cache directly from Cpanel or WordPress dashboard to update your pages

Free Cloudflare (CDN) integration (Really it’s a great feature)

Content delivery network (CDN) receives your site requests and delivers it to users through their servers with nearest possible location.

It helps to boost the performance of your website and magically speed up the page loading time.

Bluehost india reviews free cloudflare cdn

You can see here Cloudflare(CDN) and Sitelock is totally FREE.

Bluehost Sitelock-Lite plan

As I told before,Bluehost include Sitelock lite plan in every new hosting ithout any cost.

What does sitelock do?

  • It protect your ite from hacking and malceious attacks.
  • Also It monitors your site for blackist
Bluehost free sitelock scan

Bluehost India review: Customer Support

As I worked with some other hostings also I will rate bluehost customer support as 4.5 out of 5.

Bluehost India support reviews

Both chat and call support available with Bluehost services. You can any option as per your convenience. The Bluehost support team is very knowledgeable and supportive.

I remember when I started my first site,Bluehost support team helped me a lot with my problems.Later I realized that questions was so silly still them helped me from scratch.

Once my site was attacked with malware, then I called Bluehost customer executive then he restored my old site’s back up within 8 hours. That time I came to know Bluehost keeps our latest backups for such situations only. Pricing review

We only discuss about shared hosting here,

bluehost india pricing civilmania

Bluehost’s basic plan starts from ₹179/month. But I must mention here, you will get this price only when you purchase hosting for 3 years. For 12 years it’s 299 per month. One thing is clear here ,For maximum discount purchase it for longer duration.

Bluehost India basic plan price review

Easy to Use

Bluehost has a user-friendly dashboard. Anyone can find it easy to use. You can easily manage domains, file manager, themes, and plugins directly from Bluehost dashboard.

Bluehost reviewsIndia cpanel
Bluehost India dashboard

Any negatives with using Bluehost India?

You might be wondering,I am telling only good thing bout bluehost.Nothing is perfect.

Bluehost also has some drawbacks.Let’s discuss those drawbacks:

First thing, You will get Bluehost with such a low price at the start only. Every web hosting has starting introductory offer price. It’s too common in the web hosting industry right now. After the first-term plan ( year/three years which you selected while purchasing) then the prices switch back to normal.

Unfortunately, Bluehost doesn’t offer Free website migrations. You have to pay them if you wish Bluehost migrate the site for you.

Don’t worry,you can do it FREE with other methods.

Final conclusion: Bluehost India Review

Do I reccommed bluehost india?

Yes.I personally use bluehost and totally.I am totally satisfied with amazing performance and support.

In short, it has good storage space (50GB) and fastest page loading time (Under 1s !) and it is the most reliable hosting service on which we can trust. Also, additional features like FREE Cloudflare(CDN),sitelock security, and easy to use C-panel makes this host even more powerful.

But one thing I would mention here ,Don’t purchase addons. You don’t require that all at beginner stage.

Overall,A Green signal from me.I strongly recommend you to purchase bluehost hosting.

Bluehost is best choice for :

  • Beginners
  • Small websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Bloggers (News sites,Lyrics)

Frequently asked questions: Bluehost Review India

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