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GreenGeeks, a company situated in Los Angeles, California, was established in 2006. They provide a vast selection of web hosting goods and services.

Since our founding in 2008, GreenGeeks has been the leading green web hosting company in the market, returning three times as much energy as we use to the grid in the form of renewable energy. With a worldwide staff that offers clients from more than 150 nations a better web hosting experience,

The hosting platform at GreenGeeks was created with a focus on resource efficiency and minimal waste. The hosting platform from GreenGeeks is designed to be as energy-efficient as feasible in every way. In addition, GreenGeeks matches three times as much energy from renewable sources through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation for every amp drawn from the grid and plants a tree for every hosting account set up.

Here comes GreenGeeks, which aims to be the most environmentally friendly web server on the planet.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Types

GreenGeeks Provides Various Hosting Services. Following are the types.

1.Shared Web Hosting:

  • GreenGeeks’ Web Hosting is a fast, safe, and reliable shared hosting option for small enterprises operating on a shoestring budget.
  • Free domain name and site migration; improved and personalised security features
  • SSH command line and interaction with Google Apps

There are several types to choose from.


2.Stellar plus

3.Stellar Business

GreenGeeks Review Civilmania shared hosting
Source: GreenGeeks

2.WordPress Hosting

Speed, security, and knowledgeable assistance are offered with this sort of hosting by GreenGeeks.

For WordPress users, the WordPress hosting service offers a number of helpful services, such as:

  • A one-click installation option is available to swiftly set up your website.
  • Automatic updates, ensuring the long-term security and stability of your website
  • security tools designed specifically for WordPress, like WordPress Protect.

Overall, when it comes to features that are both universal and unique to WordPress, GreenGeeks has covered all the bases.

GreekGeeks provides multiple options to choose from

1.EasyWP Starter

2.EasyWP Turbo

3. EasyWP  Supersonic

3.VPS Hosting

Greengeeks’ VPS Hosting offers a quick, dependable, and scalable virtual private network.

You get access to CSF Firewall, LFD, and Mod Security capabilities with GreenGeeks’ VPS hosting.

There are options you can choose from.




4.Reseller Hosting

On GreenGeeks’ web hosting platform, reseller hosting enables you to manage numerous hosting accounts or resell web hosting to your customers.

You can select any of the options listed below based on your requirements.


2.Galaxy Expert

3.Universe pro

5.Dedicated Servers

This server helps you enhance your business’s performance and take it to the next level.

The different types you can choose from are:

  1. Easy Level
  2. Medium Level
  3. Advanced Level
  4. Outlay

Server status

The GreenGeeks server uses UNIX and Linux. They do not provide Windows hosting that requires ASP or.NET.

The GreenGeeks plan offers inexpensive pricing for unlimited disc storage, bandwidth, and domains. GreenGeeks provides five distinct plans for resellers, all of which offer limitless bandwidth and storage space.

Additionally, they provide five VPS hosting plans, ranging in size from 25 GB to 125 GB, with 512 MB to 2,048 MB of memory and 1,500 GB of bandwidth in between.


If you want to give your site’s visitors a pleasant user experience, excellent performance is crucial. In this regard, your hosting provider has a significant influence; therefore, let’s examine how GreenGeeks performs.

It has several features that are intended to keep your site loading quickly. “All of its servers, for example, use Solid State Drives (SSDs), which improve loading times.”Its service features specialised caching technology, enabling faster page delivery. If you genuinely want to boost the performance of your website, Cloudflare integration is simple and cost-free.

Even in terms of performance, GreenGeeks stays at the top of its game. Both the host’s dependability and speed are excellent. Additionally, even with its most basic plan, its servers skillfully handled a lot of traffic without any problems.

Greengeeks offers affordable pricing.

Start hosting your website with the best green web host and help the environment at the same time.

Regarding cost, GreenGeeks keeps things straightforward. There is only one WordPress hosting option, and if you sign up for three years of service, it will cost you $2.95 per month. There are less expensive solutions when it comes to WordPress hosting, but this is still within reach.

However, GreenGeeks is fairly liberal with its offerings in this package. You will receive access to a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, as well as limitless data, domain, and database storage space. This makes GreenGeeks a flexible

service that offers more than enough resources for modest to medium-sized sites and gives you everything you need to get started.


For network switching, GreenGeeks’ latest-generation Intel CPU employs Juniper and Cisco, and its data centres are well-equipped with raised floors. Additionally, they use zero-day vulnerability fixes and unique security policies to make our websites more secure.

The security features offered by GreenGeeks hosting include an SSL-secure server, 24/7 monitoring for every 10 seconds, Spam Assassin protection, password-protected directories, automatic upgrades, and brute force detection. Another crucial aspect of this green web hosting company’s security is a nightly backup to prevent data loss.

Some of GreenGeeks’ key security features are provided below:

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are free with every shared hosting plan and are simple to activate from the main panel. In the meantime, the more sophisticated AlphaSSL certificate is also free with its Premium package. As an alternative, AlphaSSL can be bought.
  • Automatic backups are included for free on all plans on a nightly basis. The Pro and Premium plans provide on-demand backups.
  • Server monitoring: its servers are checked every 30 minutes by a human server engineer and every 10 seconds by automatic software.

Customer and technical support

The average talk time on the phone with GreenGeeks is 5 minutes. They provide help over the phone, via email ticketing, and through 24-hour live chat.

Numerous video tutorials are available that will walk you through various components like cPanel, Drupal, and WordPress step-by-step. On their website, they provide an education section where you can discover articles and “how-to” guides.

Additionally, they are active on well-known social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Now, if you want to completely avoid talking to people, go to the enormous information base on GreenGeeks. This website contains hundreds of excellent articles on a variety of subjects. You can therefore find all the solutions here, whether you need assistance with the GreenGeeks nameservers or a manual for clearing the Litespeed cache.

Money-back assurance

Select a hosting company that promotes environmental sustainability while making it simple and quick to develop websites. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, there is zero risk.

WordPress optimization 

If you choose GreenGeeks as your WordPress hosting company, LiteSpeed Cache is pre-installed on your WordPress installation, which will help you speed up WordPress natively. With LiteSpeed Cache, you can even go farther and quickly enable the aforesaid optimizations. Common WordPress files are compressed using the powerful compression method GZIP (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.). Instead of using these larger files in response to user requests, the compressed version is used.

In addition to offering the best green web hosting available, Greengeeks has optimised its technology to provide some of the quickest WordPress hosting available.

GreenGeeks CDN 

GreenGeeks offers its clients the performance and security services of Cloudflare.

A website using Cloudflare often loads twice as fast, consumes 60% less bandwidth, processes 65% fewer requests, and is much more secure.

In their control panel, GreenGeeks has a free CDN service from Cloudflare. By carefully following the directions, users can easily contribute to the website. 

GreenGeeks disc storage review

According to the GreenGeeks website, all of their plans include unlimited storage, which is accurate. The maximum number of files that can be hosted by your account is 150,000 for the Lite plan, 300,000 for the Pro tier, and 500,000 for the higher tier.

Pros of Greengeeks hosting

  1. One-click cPanel integration
    With its necessary applications, the GreenGeeks cPanel is simple to use. It supports the open-source programmes Fantastico and Softaculous for simple CMS or blogging software installation. Through PHPMyAdmin, you may modify databases and manage all parts of the control panel.
  2. They certainly move quickly.
    Host server speed is one of the first things we always check. It can have a significant impact on how quickly visitors can load your website.
  3. They are dependable and have a 99.9% uptime.
    Each account is separate, uses exclusive computing resources, and accesses a protected virtual file system.
  4. Abundant Features and Unlimited Resources .They also throw in valuable bonuses, such as free website migration, which is excellent for website owners who want to move up to a better host.
  5. Stable Infrastructure : One of the benefits of GreenGeeks hosting is the well-designed and energy-efficient network architecture with 100% wind-powered green hosting.
  6. Powerful security setup : For network switching, GreenGeeks’ latest-generation Intel CPU employs Juniper and Cisco, and its data centres are well-equipped with raised floors. Additionally, they use zero-day vulnerability fixes and unique security policies to make our websites more secure.
  7. Money-Back Guaranteed: Unhappy clients are entitled to a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund of their money. However, this wind-powered hosting provider does not offer refunds for the cost of additional services.
  8. Reliable Hosting Environment : Technology for containers, separation of accounts, proactive monitoring, and daily backups.

Cons  of Greekgeeks hosting

  1. In order to avoid an additional fee per year, you must use their free domain option. However, this is less of a flaw than a no-brainer.
  2. There is no 24-hour phone support.
  3. one shared hosting package only.
  4. Compared to other hosting options, dedicated and VPS hosting plans are a little more expensive.

GreenGeeks’ payment method

Credit cards are the only payment option accepted by GreenGeeks. There isn’t any other payment option besides a debit card or PayPal.

Final conslusion

The hosting company, GreenGeeks, is inexpensive and kind. You receive good server resources, cutting-edge features, and a comprehensive security package at a fair price. In the hosting industry, GreenGeeks has been making waves not only for its commitment to the environment but also for being a well-rounded host for just about everyone, particularly small- to medium-sized sites.

Few host businesses can ultimately claim that their carbon footprint is negative. So if you’re passionate about sustainability, GreenGeeks is unquestionably the best product you can find.

And even if environmental protection isn’t a major priority, we recommend visiting GreenGeeks nonetheless. They have really impressed us.

Why do I recommend Green Geeks?

All things considered, I would suggest GreenGeeks to novices, experienced users on a tight budget, and anybody searching for a hassle-free, high-quality hosting option. GreenGeeks is at the top of the leaderboard thanks to its wealth of features, simplicity of use, speed, and high level of security.

You can be confident that you will receive exceptional value for your money and that there will be no carbon footprint left behind by your website.

Frequently asked questions

Why the name “GreekGeeks”?

If cost, quality, security, and how-to manuals are your top priorities, GreenGeeks hosting is the right choice for you.

Where are the GreenGeeks servers located?

Numerous data centres are run by GreenGeeks. They have servers in Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, and Amsterdam, among other locations.

Can I get a free domain with GreenGeeks hosting?

A major perk and reason to select GreenGeeks is their totally free data transfer service from your current hosting account to the new one. Detailed instructions will also be sent to you by the GreenGeeks site migration team.

What are the support options available for greengeeks?

GreenGeeks offers live chat and email support around-the-clock. On weekdays, phone service is available from 9 a.m. to midnight EST; on weekends, it is available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Is there a money-back guarantee available for GreenGeeks?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by them. They will deduct the cost of the domain name as well as any setup or transfer fees, so it won’t be a full refund.

Is it suitable for WordPress?

A hosting company called GreenGeeks takes pride in offering eco-friendly services at competitive rates and provides a feature-rich WordPress-specific plan. Both regular and WordPress-specific hosting plans are available from GreenGeeks.

What are the alternatives to GrrenGeeks?

Hostinger , Bluehost India are the best alternative to GreenGeeks.

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