Mpsc mes preparation civil engineering : During Lockdown

Mpsc mes preparation civil enginnering

We all know currently Coronavirus is continuing its spread across India. That unexpected thing causes everyone to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. It has a large impact on the economy as well as the daily routines of many people. What impact it has on mpsc mes preparation and exam? Let’s see below.

Coronavirus impact on mpsc mes exam

According to MPSC academic timetable, Maharashtra engineering services prelim exam was scheduled for 17th May 2020.

But due to the alarming situation government has extended the lockdown period up to 17th May 2020.

Mains exam is to be scheduled on 18th October 2020.

However, Due to the current situation MPSC has released a notification about the dates of the exam. It is clearly said in notification that the Maharashtra engineering services exam is postponed due to COVID 19.

New dates will be declared after lockdown removed completely. You should check the official website for new dates.

How to stay motivated during a lockdown?

Most of the students getting distracted or demotivated due to the current situation. Also, some students are wondering and tensed about will exam conducted in 2020 or it gets canceled? Most of the students unable to concentrate on studies

Yes, This situation is worst. No one has faced situation like this before.

But according to me, This extended period is somehow beneficial for the students.

You are forced to stay at home, no other work is assigned to you. Is it not a beneficial thing for students?

You need a well-planned schedule and dedication for claiming the benefits of this extra period.

Just think if you look back after lockdown, Asked yourself what I have done in this period? What things did I earn from lockdown? Do those things added any value?

You will get all the answers yourself. If you don’t come up with new learning after lockdown then you lacked discipline.

How to use the lockdown period for better Mpsc mes preparation

The best method is well planning of an important resource i.e. Time.

Yes, In order to focus on mpsc mes preparation, You must prepare a proper timetable. First, analyze the complete syllabus of mpsc exam.

We believe the study of previous year papers can boost your preparation. At least one will be rewarded with one or two questions that repeat every other year. First, analyze the subject wise weightage for each subject. Here you can find detailed subject wise weightage for civil engineering mains paper.

MPSC MES Mains:Civil engineering Important books

Now you have all weightage in front of you.

How to plan your day?

I suggest first make analysis about new dates of exam and make plan according to it.

According to current situation it is difficult to predict new dates of exam. Because MPSC have to complete all the pending exams, State services and Subordinate exam. But it is clear that no exam will be scheduled in May and June. We assume that we have two months for preparation (maybe more).Two months are more than enough for prelims.

I will suggest you first start with common subjects between prelims and mains i.e. Building materials , Surveying , Numerical method and after that cover prelims and mains syllabus side by side.I sure MPSC will declare exam date at least 15 days before exam.

Once date is declared by MPSC we can focus on prelims only.

Few points that will help you in Mpsc mes preparation

1.Fix your goals

Fixing up your goals can help in deciding effective timetable for you study.

You can break your subjects/syllabus in parts and then define your goal.this can easily help you to check your progress.

If possible write your goals and make a list and then place where it is visible while you studying.

2.Setting up your routine

Manage all your daily routine time.For the effective time utilization a daily routine is must.Divide your study time in parts.

Also give yourself necessary gaps while studying.Allocate adequate timings for personal time and family time.

3. Discussion with friends

Explain your answers to others. Discussion with your friends can reduce your stress in lockdown period.

This exchange of knowledge can be interesting somehow as real-life classrooms during the covid-19 pandemic

4.Stay healthy and charged

During covid-19 lockdown, Studying from home can be a new experience for most of the students.

Your health is an important thing during such a pandemic. Students should take a proper diet and maintain their physical as well as mental health.


5. Practice more questions

You can check your progress by practicing more questions.

However you can also watch videos of that topic available on YouTube.

Join test series or solve questions from previews year papers.

Frequently asked questions: Mpsc mes preparation

What will be the new dates for mpsc exam?

Nobody can tell you with surety about new dates.
If even single district remain in red zone then there is no chance of transportation between that district. In such case MPSC cannot take exam.
We will suggest you focus on study rather than thinking about exam dates.

Where do I get Study material?

You can get all the study material from telegram groups.
You have install telegram and join groups.

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