MPSC Civil Engineering Exam : How to Prepare Imp Points

mpsc civil engineering

MPSC civil engineering i.e. Maharashtra Engineering Services Advertisement is expected in March 2020.

Prelims Exam Date is announced by MPSC. Maharashtra Engineering Services 2020 prelims exam is to be conducted on 17 may 2020.

Firstly understand that in MPSC exams Every Topic is important.Syllabus and Paper pattern has been changed from 2017.

Proper planning,Time management and strategy are Very Important.For any exam it is very important to understand paper pattern and mark allocation for every subject and topic.

You should analyse the previous year question papers so that you get idea about Questions asked in exam, So you should know about what to focus on.

First understand the syllabus of prelims exams

SubjectQuestionsMarksDifficulty LevelLanguage of paper
Marathi101012th levelMarathi
General Studies2020DegreeMarathi and
Engineering aptitude test6060DegreeEnglish

There are total 100 Questions and 90 minutes Duration.

The main objective of General studies paper is to check a candidate’s connect to the outside world through his technical knowledge. The main objective of MPSC behind conducting this objective GS paper is to test aspirant’s application-based knowledge that will come handy during the job tenure of the candidate.

  • मराठी
    • सर्व सामान्य शब्दसमुह , वाक्यरचना , व्याकरण , म्हणी व वाक्यप्रचार यांचा अर्थ व उपयोग तसेच उताऱ्या वरील प्रश्नांची उत्तरे.
  • इंग्लिश
    • Common Vocabulary, Sentence structure, Grammar, Use of Idioms & phrases and their meaning and comprehension of passage.
  • सामान्य अध्ययन (General Studies)
  • भारताचा विशेषतः महाराष्ट्राचा इतिहास (१८९७ ते १९९०)
  • भारताचा विशेषतः महाराष्ट्राचा भूगोल
  • भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था
    • भारतीय आयात – निर्यात
    • राष्ट्रीय विकासात सरकारी, सहकारी, ग्रामीण बँकांची भूमिका
    • शासकीय अर्थव्यवस्था – अर्थसंकल्प,लेखा , लेखापरीक्षण इत्यादी.
    • पंचवार्षिक योजना
    • किंमती वाढण्याचे कारणे व उपाय.
  • भारतीय राज्यव्यवस्था
  • जागतिक तसेच भारतातील चालू घडामोडी :-
    • राजकीय , औद्योगिक, आर्थिक , सामाजिक , शैक्षणिक, भौगोलिक , खगोलशास्त्रीय , सांस्कृतिक , वैज्ञानिक इत्यादि.
  • पर्यावरण
    • मानवी विकास व पर्यावरण , पर्यावरण पूरक विकास , नैसर्गिक साधनसंपत्तीचे संधारण विशेषतः वनसंधारण , विविध प्रकारची प्रदुषणे व पर्यावरणीय आपत्ती , पर्यावरण संवर्धनात कार्यरत असलेल्या राज्य / राष्ट्र/ जागतिक पातळीवरील संघटना / संस्था.

Important books and study material for Mpsc Civil engineering

मराठी :- For marathi you can use मराठी व्याकरण व शब्दार्णव by Ashalata gutthe madam

General Studies :- Use notes by sanket ghorband sir

English :- Use any Grammer book

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MPSC prelims Previous year Non Technical Questions analysis

MPSC has changed the syllabus of Maharashtra engineering services (MES) exam from 2017 year. So the paper pattern and weight-age has also changed.Let us understand the changes in paper pattern and question format through detailed analysis of question papers. Previous year questions analysis of General studies,Marathi and English section is given below :-

General studies

Current Affairs366
Govt Schemes210

Key points asked in MES prelims

MES 2017 :- Different indexes , Methods by the Tribal for farming , Money Market , Import- Export Factual data. Different Government schemes and their important dates and Different Articles and Amendments.

MES 2018 :- Census Data , Policy , Indian Planning Commission, Banking sector [ Liquidity Adjustment Facilities (LAF) such as Repo rate and Reverse Repo rate ] , Different Articles and Amendments and Information related Ozone layer.

MES 2019 :- Inflation data , Indian Planning Commission , Import-Export Data, Five year plan of India, Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) , Sarpanch Eligibility and Qualification , Census Data , Social Reformers in Maharashtra , City and Geographical Place .


Grammar 030202


Topic / Year201720182019
Grammar 050505

Study Notes and Short tricks


As we know Prelims exam is only qualifying in nature , Do smart study and Aim for 35+ marks.

Other Engineering aptitude section is for 60 Marks and Non technical part for 40 marks. So it is mandatory to cover Non technical part ,because non technical marks are essential to score higher and sometimes crucial in achieving cutoff . Studying only some important points in non tech can give you good marks. No need to give much time for this section because no one can expect what type of questions will ask in exam as syllabus is very vast. But it does not mean that you totally ignore this section , you should refer some important points and data before exam. Remember Consistency is key . All the best….!!!!!!!

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